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Reflections On a Bomb Out

Well I bombed at National Masters. Yes, after a great part of training I bombed. In the squat off all things. So after 2 weeks I have been able to reflect, study, analyze, eat donuts, and plan for the future.

I was able to study the DVD of the meet. Consult with lifters who have known me for years. Look at my training. Man did it open my old eyes. I used a single ply Titan Centurion squat suit for my first 2 attempts, and a single ply B suit for third. The third was closest to keeping my sorry butt in the meet.

Now for all you iron nuts listen up. In the squat the best way to get proper form is the knees must be opening up. My knees were closer than someone who is knock kneed. I could not get them to open up, partially due to the suit. The other part was something I was doing wrong. My toes were not pointing out enough. My first workout back in the gym I pointed them out more, knees went open, and squats were as one lifter said damn near gorgeous.

Now I can over react and radically change everything. I am too much of a conservative to do that. My training program until the last 4 weeks was awesome. Hit personal records for weight and reps each week. Then I introduced the suit and things changed. So also being a tight ass and hating spending $115 on the suit I am giving it one more chance.

You know though somethings were not meant to be. This meet was that. I tried to bench an empty bar in the warmup area and my shoulder would not tolerate it at all. The third last workout before the meet I injured it in training and it hurt like hell. After the meet I had my chiro look at it. He said, “everything that is supposed to move is not moving.” So after a couple of moves the pain was gone and I am again benching.

Something else. My wife did not love me less. She was there for me. My step kids were great to me. My son was supportive. So lifting is not everything, just a great part of life, but just a part.

So now to re qualify for next year, and show them all. I also intend to have more fun, I did not this time. So now think about this. Be serious when you train, but remember there is a life out there to be lived. You can be a kick butt lifter, have a good family life, and laugh a lot.

Now to go out and do battle with moles. Damn things have tunnels you could drive a Mini Cooper through…

You’ll get’em the next time around. One of the biggest things that a lot of people do not grasp upon a failure is not realising the WHY of their situations.

You’ve done this and it looks like you’ll be able to fix some things that need fixin.

Good luck with your next meet, and take care of that shoulder!

You were able to analyze at calculate your areas that may have contibuted to your experience. Many people fail to do this.

Moles. I find dead ones all over my yard thanks to three outdoor cats.

Thanks guys and I always think of what the great Steve Goggins says, “a setback is a set up for a comeback.”

My basset hound keeps them out of the back yard. Also I have the training DVD for handling moles, Caddyshack.

You’ll need a License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill gophers at will. To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit - ever. They’re like the Viet Cong - Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that’s all she wrote.


Judging was not so good, but for you, i think you need to practice a lot more in meet conditions in your suit. Geared lifts in your meet tightness gear are not for strength building but are for skill building and experience.

Yeah, the sun comes up after every bombout, but soon after you see it you remember you bombed.

Best thing is what you are doing…fix your problems and go to it again.

Good luck

Good attitude. The stars didn’t line up right for you, but you are already back it. I’ve had bad days at National meets in throwing. Adjust and try again.

Hooray for us old guys.

Actually of all the things I have tried over the yearsfor moles and gophers the best is this.
These little gas flares that you can buy in any hardware store. I see an active tunnel, get one, open hole into the tunnel, light it stick it in, and cover the hole. Gas goes thru the tunnel and nukes the little demons.

I thought the judging was very tough and in some cases not right.But you have to go with the flow of the meet.Sounds like you evaluated your problem and made the adjustment.I also agree with powerlifting being a good part of your life,but as you say a part of the total picture.We must look for the balance.

As competative powerlifters we are driven by the numbers and the PRs.Brother you are in a select group of men that can compete at that level and my hats off to you.Sorry I did not get to meet you as I only watched the saturday lifting.Keep the focus and training up bro.TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T