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Refining My Diet

Hey everyone, I’m just refining a diet I’ve been using to get in shape, and I could use some advice/input. The diet is built around my kryptonites, which are poor impulse control with anything remotely tasty and laziness around cooking, and my superpower, which is an ability to eat food that tastes bland over and over without getting bored.

Basically, I stock up on fresh deli ham, olives, chocolate milk, whole/unroasted almonds, apples, and carrots. I eat a handful of each until I’m no longer hungry (instead of until I feel full) around five times a day, and it seems to work.

I’ve heard though that deli meats are generally full of crap that isn’t healthy for me, but if I’m going to sub it out, it has to be for a lean meat that I can literally take out of the fridge and eat, no prep whatsoever. If anyone has suggestions for what could replace it, and also for what sort of ratio/quantity I should be eating that selection of foods in, and finally if anyone sees any glaring deficiencies or problems with how I’m doing things, I’d love to hear from you.



P.S. I’m 22, about 200 pounds, and somewhere in the region of 18-20% body fat. I work out 4 times a week, hitting each muscle group once a week and doing 30 minutes of intense cardio on an exercise bike on each of the four days. I’ve been doing this plus the diet since September, and I’ve been getting good results, but I’m always up for doing things smarter.