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Refining My Diet to Lose Fat

Me, like 99% of the weight lifting population just want to put on mass, and chizel off (or shovel off) fat. Ive been bulking the last year and a half, putting on about 60 lbs, and id say about 55 of that being muscle. I now want to get rid of some fat without losing all that hard work. Surprise surprise, right?

Im currently eating very clean, and still gaining pretty steady. A typical day for me would be as follows:

Meal 1: 4 whole eggs 2 whites, 2 slices of Whole grain bread with peanut butter, chicken breast, steak, some sort of meat usually from the previous day, fruit, and 1L of water

Snack: a banana muffin, and about 250 ml of white milk

Meal 2: Clubhouse, Apple juice

(* snack and meal 2 is limited, because of being in school and the fact of buying lunch. it has to last me from about 8 till 2:30)

Meal 3: Rolled oats, Fruit, some sort of meat, fish, etc., 2 whole eggs, 1 white.

Meal 4: fish, steak, chicken, turkey, etc, with potatoe or brown rice, and vegetables.

Meal 5 (PWO): a smoothie (cottage cheese, 2 scoops whey, yogurt, milk, frozen berries, raw rolled oats, and a tsp of nesquick), followed by 2 whole eggs, 1 white, and usually can of sardines.

My question is, how can i adjust this so that i lose fat, but preserve my muscle. My diet can’t really stray far from this, cause im damn lucky to be getting fed this every day as it is. Im currently 16 y.o., 200 lbs, and 5’9. Im not doing any cardio right now, but my workout is constant and hard, and mostly intense, a brief version below:

Day 1: Chest, 1 Horizontal pull movement

Day 2: Legs (squats)

Day 3: Biceps, Triceps

Day 4: Weight-Cardio (tabitha method), Abs

Day 5: Shoulders, 1 OH pull movement

Day 6: Back - Deadlifts, cycled with Upper back.

Day 7: off

Day 8: Same as Day 4


I hope i didnt make this article too long for you guys, and i hope i get some responses. The goal: lose fat, and not stray too far from what im currently doing. All help appreciated!