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Refining Muscle



I have been lifting for a while now, and just finished a successful mass program, that has put me at the approximate size I would like to stay. As difficult as this may sound, I am looking for a program or even an approach that can keep me from growing TOO much bigger, but rather, will further define the muscle I have, almost reshaping it. Having better peaks so to speak where it counts, without putting on a TON of mass along with it. I would not be opposed to some mass gain, as it is inevitable.











I know what you mean. I had to stop gaining because I didn't want to buy any more clothes. I had to go down to the lowest weight possible and lift it like a gazillion times, but I got my peaks and stuff. You can probably do it, too. It gets kinda boring, but after the fourth or fifth year your muscles will suddenly explode with peaks and stuff. And the best part is you won't be gaining any more of that unsightly muscle. Who wants that? Certainly not me!

Good luck and let me know how it goes. In a few years.




alright... how are you going to get peaks and lumps etc without putting more on muscle? lose some fat and you'll probably like what you see in terms of definition. if you want more round muscle bellies, go put on more mass.




So...you don't want to gain any more muscle, but you want a higher peak and a different shape to your muscles, but you wouldn't be opposed to gaining muscle. Because it's inevitable. But not too much.

That's a head scratcher.


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Dragon Ball Z??? lol. I agree my request was a little unclear. I started lifting last semester. I did lightweight crew, so I was weighing in at 155 lb. I herniated a disk, which ended my career, so I turned to lifting. I had a friend mentor me, and by March I had bulked up to a lean 205 lb. I have since then put on more muscle and cut down a little on fat. I'm about 210 lb right now. I haven't done measurements really, but I have 17" biceps unpumped and am benching 325lb if that gives you any idea. Anyway, I'm getting to the threshold where I'm looking awkward in clothes, so instead of giving up lifting, I thought I'd ask the forum