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Refined Physique Transformation


Has anybody tried this approach to leaning out?

He suggests for anyone between 15-20% BF to multiply your BW by .25g of carbs, this just seems really low...

Has anyone tried carbs this low? When should I eat my carbs?



The majority of them should be taken in before/during/after your workout, any extra carbs should be taken in with breakfast.


This is hands down one of the best guidelines for leaning out. I'm still working on it, but I've been able to get into sub 10% bodyfat for the first time in my life. It's good stuff.


I eat under 25g of Carbs a day at the moment. Only from Veggies with every meal. It's possible, and when you become fat adapted you'll feel fine.



And would you say the low carbs has definitely lead to fat loss? How often do you refeed?


I get my best results on low carbs. The key is to mae sure you have enough fat in your diet to make up for the carbs you are missing. The first time I tried it, I made the mistake of keeping my fat intake too low. Once you are fat adapted, I've tried cycling in carbs on the weekends. I've pulled that back to about half a day on Sunday. Going all weekend seemed to make me crave carbs all weekend.


Yeah I think my biggest problem right now is reaching around 3300 calories with high protein and high fat...when i try hitting them both high my calories end up around 3600...

i'm getting my fats from almonds, PB, and olive oil.

any suggestions?


What do you mean by this? If your calories go a bit higher than you expected wouldn't you need to just eat a little less of something?


Way too obvious man, way too obvious. It has to be more complicated doesn't it?


I use all of those sources plus fish oil. I don't pay much attention to calories. I try to take in 400g+ of protein, and enough fat to keep my energy up.


Yes...but what I meant was when I reach my protein goal of around 350g protein and 160g fat, i'm over my intake of 3300 calories...does that help?

Or what would you suggest, i'm 6'1, 225 lbs. (pics in my profile)...

The article suggests a 215 lb man eat 2700 calories at 320g protein and 150g fat.
Those calories just sounded too low for me so i upped them and estimated more protein and fat.


For a man at 215 lbs, especially one not in the single digits in bodyfat, 2700 calories per day to lean out isn't low at all.


really? so i really don't know, i've never had to cut before...this is my first time so i'm pretty much a newbie at this shit man. do you think i should go that low? i just don't want to lose any muscle gained. thanks man.


I'd suggest starting a little higher for a week or two. It's highly individual. I'm trying to do a bit of recomp by cutting my carbs. I was taking in about 400 carbs, 150 fat and 300 protein during my bulk. This week a cut the carbs down to 200 and already lost 3 lbs in 5 days. My calories are down to 3000-3200 since the carb cut. This is at 6' 225 lbs which is almost the same size as you (based on our #'s and pic's in our profiles).

My point is I thought my maintenance would be about 3200 calories. But I'm actually losing at this amount so the only way to truly know is to actually do it and observe the results. No one can tell you what your body exactly needs. You have to find out yourself.


We say this so much on this forum that it needs to be stickied across the top.

YOU CAN NOT AVOID TRIAL AND ERROR. You can't. If you plan on making anyone say, "wow" at how you are built, then you MUST be willing to try something without someone holding your hand the entire way.


Your over thinking this. I'm 5'10 180, at 1710 cals a day at the moment. It's only for 1-2 months max, do what Thibs says and don't think to much about it.




Stop thinking so much and just do it! If it doesn't work as great as you though, then tweak it.



The Thibs plan is one of the best - and easiest - to achieve your goals. IMO you can afford to be under 2500kcals a day, with a carb limit of 30g (in the form of green veggies, etc; avoid peri-workout carbs). You shouldn't be carbing up anymore than 200-250g every 10-14 days.
Forget most of the supplements. A good multi-vit/min complex, whey (hydrosylate if you can afford it), leucine, fish oil is all you need. Simple.


Yep, try what you're already doing. Watch your scale and your skin folds. If the change isn't happening, you'll have to cut some more calories and eventually will have to anyway if you want to continue losing. That being said, I still stand by what I said, that amount of calories isn't that low for someone who is not that lean and not that heavy and trying to get lean.


Ok, thanks guys...i'm going to run this for a few weeks and see where i am in a month...here's where i am with my diet.

6am - 4 eggs
2 scopps of o.n. whey
shot of olive oil
2 fish oil

915 - 1 hard boiled egg
1 scoop whey
1 tblsp PB
2 fish oil

noon - 1 can tuna
1 HB egg
1 scoop whey
2 fish oil

330 - 1 can tuna
2 fish oil

430 - Pre-workout - 1 scoop whey

6pm - PWO - 2 scoops whey + banana

630 - 2 chicken breasts

10 - 1/2 c cottage cheese
1 PB
1 tblsp olive oil

total - 332p, 56c, 139f - 3280 calories