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Refined Physique Transformation, Carbs for Size?


Hi CT,

Hope the holidays are treating you well! I wanted to ask a question in regards to the article that was posted today (Refined Physique Transformation). I know that this article is dated from 2007, so not sure how much things have changed.

I know this article is more about getting lean/fat loss and I had a question around what would be some recommendations for carb intake for someone trying to put on weight (not “bulk”) but focusing on lean mass (as lean as possible).

Assuming a male is at or under 10% bodyfat, where would you recommend that they start with their daily carb intake? I know there are a lot of variables, I actually do well with carbs (it’s easier for me to lose weight than to gain weight). But would you be able to provide a starting point for carb intake recommendation?
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!