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Refined Physique Trannysformation


Friend just showed me this.

U mirin'?

Matt Kroc Transitions to Janae Kroc

I sort've think it might be fake but at the same time it's also believable. Thoughts?




Its almost as gross as this^


If you have to take a second to guess...it's a dude.


Damn he was ripped before. Maybe he decided that since he can't get to Mr. Olympia level, so he went the polar opposite direction.


LOL that's exactly why I chose to post it. The guy had made some significant progress in the gym, so not only did he give up his manihood, he gave up all the progress he made in the gym. I wonder what drives people to change sexes. I don't get it.


That's actually amazing.

I wonder how his mind changed with the entire process. I want to buy a book from amazon about a woman who became a man and how higher testosterone levels changed the way she saw things, how he/she thought, etc.


wtf dude was pretty jacked.


Sounds interesting. What's it called?

Also, all things considered, I think this guy is pretty passable.


he'll never be able to do anything to hide that chin/jawline


That hard blocky chin plus the cleft is a dead giveaway.


Beat me to it as I was typing it. Bastard!


They tend to get the adams apple shaved and the jaw/chin refined surgically.


Women can have cleft chins, too. Other than that, I agree with you.


Waylander's looking good these days...


Dreams of My Father?

It's the real reason behind the birth certificate mystery.


I heard that the most painful part of his transformation from man to woman, was when they had to remove 3/4 of his brain.

I heard that, anyways~


Whoa. So the trolls were right about you.


Ive seen girls with stronger chins and clefts then this guy. While I've known them long enough to know they are women, it could certainly set a new guy wondering. But I could see that guy passing.