Refined Physique Nutrition & Supp Timing

I’m using your RPT program and am about 2 months in. I’ve noticed good results, decrease in fat (mirror not measured) and a weekly increase in strength. I’m 6’1, 196 lbs and am now probably somewhere in the 13-14% bf range. (the dreaded skinny fat) I wasnt as consistent w/ the diet as I should have been in May, but have buckled down and had a very strong June. (just being honest)

My weight however is slowly creeping upwards. (I began the RPT in the high 180s) Despite being on a reduced carb diet I maintain a strong level of intensity in the gym, so I’m hoping that my steady gain is muscle and not a part of my diet that I’ve screwed up. I’ve been reading through a lot of your forums and have had to make tweaks to my original diet structure to fall in line with your program.

I would like to follow thru for this last month with the diet and hopefully wrap up around the time you are releasing the new training program you have been working on. Could you take a glance at my diet and supplementation and provide any suggestions if you see anything off w/ the nutrition or supplement timing?

One last thing, I am putting in an order for some supplements I have not tried to date from Biotest. I am trying to maximize my last month on RPT and am ordering Surge Workout Fuel, Low-Carb Metabolic Drive for my bedtime meal, Flameout and BCAA. From what I have been reading with your Pre/Post Supplement forums, you are recommending L-Leucine over the BCAA. My BCAA intake is below. Could you make a suggestion on servings & frequency for L-Leucine so I can replace my BCAA?

Wakeup (208 cal, 44 pro, 2 carb, 2 fat)
2 scoops of whey protein

Breakfast â?? 20 min after wakeup (350, 16, 7, 30)
2 large eggs (hard boiled)
.25 cup mixed nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts)

Mid Morning Snack (104, 22, 1, 1)
1 scoop of whey protein

Lunch (11am) (408, 48, 1, 23)
5 oz turkey (I bring measuring cups to my cafeteria salad bar to be precise)
.25 cup shredded cheddar
.5 tbsp olive oil
broccoli, cucumber, lettuce

30 Min Pre Workout (1:30pm)
1 scoop of Surge Workout Fuel

10 Min Pre Workout (170, 13, 23, 1)
.5 svg of Surge Recovery

Workout (2pm)

Immediate Post Workout (170, 13, 23, 1)
.5 svg of Surge Recovery
5g creatine

1 Hour Post Workout (398, 48, 7, 22)
2 scoops of whey protein
.25 cup mixed nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts)

Dinner (325, 41, 0, 24)
5 oz red meat
Steamed broccoli, cucumbers
Flameout (planning on taking 4 caps)

Bedtime(290, 24, 9, 22)
1 scoop Low Carb Metabolic Drive (previously taking 1 scoop whey)
.25 cup mixed nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts)

Target intake per RPT is: 285g protein, 67 carbs, 127g fat
Actual intake: 287g protein, 69 carbs, 126g fat
Total calories: 2,427

My Saturday high carb day, carb target is 190g. I am right there at 197.

I apologize for the length. Training program (much shorter post) will follow later. Thank you.