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Refine My Workout

Background Info: A little over one year ago I weighed around 210 lbs. and had a 36 inch waist
For the past year I have been lifting very hard, doing cardio, and eating very well.

Currently: I stand 6 feet weigh 172 lbs., 31 inch waist, and am stronger with more muscle than I was when I weighed 210. My diet is very high protein with foods similar to that of an “abs diet”. I am neither at a caloric deficit nor surplus.

*** I have always done cardio with my lifting. I lift 5x a week and do cardio typically 3-4x a week. If I push my cardio down to 1-2x a week will I see better muscle gain? I really dont want to dull-up however. I have a pretty defined back/arms/chest and I would just like to add to it with bigger muscle.

**Knowing that my diet is basically straight from the abs diet book…if i stopped doing cardio would I basically lose definition?

My workout schedule:
Day 1: Chest with a few leg workouts
Day 2: Shoulders/Traps (Cardio)
Day 3: Arms
Day 4: Back (Cardio)
Day 5: Anything I missed (Possible Cardio)
Day 6: Off or Cardio
Day 7: Cardio
(Attempt to do abs at least 3 times a week)

When I do Cardio I either hop on the stairmaster or treadmill for 25-30 minutes…usually after a lift.

I feel like my workout is too spread out and should be condensed considering I am only hitting one muscle group per week. However I do wear myself out and work very hard on each of the days.

Maybe cardio is hurting my gains? I am not a powerlifter nor a thinned out model. I just want add more solid muscle to my already fit frame. Once again, with my diet…if I stopped doing cardio will I have better success?