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Refills on my Test E


Hi guys. New to this forum. Was just prescribed some test e for trt and dose is 200mg every 2 weeks. I will be taking 100mg every week to avoid the roller coaster ride. Anywho, if I start taking 200mg a week on my own, will the pharmacy let me refill early or will that throw up all types of red flags. By rx says 5 refills before 10/25/12 so I take it that I can refill it 5 times before 10/25/12. That would allow me to take 200mg a week and get away with it right? Sorry if i'm being a troll.


Do you have a T Replacement question?


uh yeah


What he means is that your question is bordering on how to use your necessary TRT drugs illicitly. I don't have a problem with this, but it is more appropriate for the steroids forum.

I think whenever you fill a script, the doctor is notified. Dont quote me on that because Im really not sure, it would just make sense.

So in that regard, your doctor will know. Whether he says anything or not is another story.

If you want to get your TRT dose up to 200, why not just act your doc?


Well I don't really want to ask my doctor to up the dose because I literally just started three days ago (first shot). He was very easy going about the whole thing. Got the blood results and found out it was low (total was 389), I am 29 by the way. He told me that it wasn't that low but I told him the symptoms I was having and he didn't give me much resistance about starting TRT. He even is letting me self inject (I worked as a medical assistant for a while so I had experience with IM injections). Anyway I would feel like kind of a dick by asking this soon to up the dose. The reason I wanted to do 200 mg a week is that I have been reading every where that 100 mg a week isn't going to do anything. But maybe I should just give it a shot instead of feeding in to all of the bullshit on the internet first (none of which I have read on this forum by the way). Anyway thank you VTBalla34 for your response.


I do't know where you're reading that 100 mg won't do anything from. That is the standard starting dose we recommend here.

Before you decide you need more, how abou tjust trying what you've been prescribed.


Thats what I will be doing.


Hey Man I understand where you are coming from but I suggest you really read the stickys. Get your head wrap around how all this works. I have a very liberal Doc (he?s a friend of mine). He started me on 200mg a week because I ask to be started high. Too high of a dose can be just as symptom producing as too low. My E2 levels soared, my nipples starting screaming. I became very aggressive and my dick stayed horned up all day (sounds like a great side effect but not this much). The most serious side effect was my Hemoglobin and hematocrit increased to dangerous levels. I don?t want to stroke out. So, I discontinued treatment for a month and have just started back at 100 mg a week. The point I am trying to make is too much of anything can be a bad.. I think you should try 100mg a week and see how you feel.


Excellent points made here. Doubling the prescribed dose without your doctor's approval will probably lead to being cut off and having to find a new TRT doc. If you found one that will not only prescribe test but also let you self-inject, consider yourself lucky. There are guys here who search a long time for that, often to no avail. Also, 200mg per week with no AI will likely cause more problems than you have now - sky-high E2, shrunken nuts, libido issues, etc. Give the100mg per week a go for 6-8 weeks, see how you feel, test you levels and adjust accordingly. At 100mg per week plus HCG I am at the top of the range. I am going to cut mine back to see if I feel better or worse. After five years on TRT, I would tell people it is more individualized than I ever would have imagined.


Excellent points guys. I guess I got a little ahead of myself. I should consider my self lucky to have such a good doc. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth.


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