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Refillable Kettebells


Hi folks

I am going to get married next year and we are planning to spend our 3 month honeymoon on Fiji and the Cook Islands. I believe there won't be too many gyms. I'll for sure take bands with me and TRX bands and look for gyms.
One thing I thought about was to take some light, refillable (plastic) Kettlebells with me I could fill with sand.

Does anyone know a good brand or am online shop where those are offered?

Any help is highly appreciated.
Cheers, PA


I think you are better of getting a sand bag the one ironmind sells you can load it up to 300lbs+. Never heard of Refillable Kettebells.


That's a great idea. I haven't worked with a sandbag yet, but I'm sure I'll find some youtube vids. Thanks, man!

I know refillable Kettlebells do exist, by the way. Some Crossfitters once told me about. But no idea how valuable they are.


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We will stay there for 7-8 weeks. Can't wait to get there, man!