Referee Training Log

I’m a football (soccer) referee in Australia who also likes to lift weights

Last nights training was just a light one getting back into the grove of things
Deadlift 5 sets of 3
Set 1 50kg
Set 2 55kg
Set 3 60kg
Set 4 65kg
Set 5 70kg

Bench press 5 sets of 3
All sets done with 40kg.
Last set bit sluggish

Inverted rows 3 sets of 12
Was nice to get a good pump in the back

What a weekend. 7 games in total over 3 days. 5 as a referee and two as the assistant. 3 games in a row yesterday. And not feeling the best. Might have to look at my nutrition and keep track of what I’m eating

Well what a way to spend good Friday. Took some time out for me.

Snatch pulls
10kg bar
5 sets of 3

Hang power clean.

5 sets of 3

Then did an hour of mowing the yard lol