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Referee, low carb protein

Anybody knows organization ofering courses for bodybuilding referee? Guys, how can i find good 0 cabs. protein. What are the best brands?

Isopure by Nature’s Best is a good zero carb protein.

Yes, it’s zero-carb if you get the vanilla or strawberry. The chocolate has 3 g per serving, or 1.5 g per scoop–but none of it is sugars. A great protein to use for low-carb (fat fast-type) dieting because it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals, and a superb quality protein. The only problem is that it tastes pretty bad, but adding some Splenda to it improves this remarkably!

well i am pretty sure most of the stuff at ProteinFactory is carb free (afterall that is where brock got his stuff). I would use either just casseinate or add some whey to it (CFM or whatever the other filter is). Chocolate is very good tasting… they do use cocoa though to flavor chocolate … not sure if there would be cards then… I had some protein mixed up by them that was mainly CFM and had it chocolate flavored with sucralose… yummy

For 0 carb protein Max Musucle’s Max Pro.

Twinlab makes a Protien shake with only 2 g carbs. The chocolate tastes great, but it takes a little while to mix it. Vanilla is good too.

I have to say the best tasting low carb protein is Natures Best Isopure Chocolate. It has only a few carbs per serving, but taste like swiss miss. I like it cause it mixes well, with no clumps (without a blender), and isnt thick and tastes excellent. As far as its quality, I know its all whey. Thats why I cant wait for Biotest to come out with there low carb protein. Hopefully it will taste great, contain CFM whey and micellar casein and be very very low in carbs.