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Refeeds, what's wrong with fat?

I havn’t looked at the whole thread since I last posted, but the phenomenon that Pugs is talking about is known as leptin resistance and it occurs when chronically high levels of leptin are present for extended periods of time; similar to how the body responds to chronically high levels of insulin. I mentioned this in my original Cheater’s Diet article. However, if an individual is leptin resistant, I would still recommend less frequent overfeeds due to the fact that they need to improve their leptin sensitivity; this is done through proper diet and exercise.


Vain said: Finally, somebody mentioned workout routines on the day of a refeed. My advice NONE.
“The uptake of glucose does not increase leptin production if the glucose is metabolized anaerobically and released as lactate. Accordingly, leptin secretion is inversely related to the proportion of glucose metabolized to lactate” (Havel, 2000).

Well, I dont necessarily agree. You can compensate for that by consuming more calories and carbs. If you want to workout, I say go right ahead (check the post I left on the refeed HQ thread in response to this question). You get to eat more and can actually fuel an intense workout if you wish; I’ve done it before with good results (and I woke up the next day feeling more full, etc).


RS: Nice! I’m glad it’s working out for you as it is for many and I’m very glad I can play a part in the progress people are making. Take care,


agreed with that, however, If I were to do a workout on the refeed day, I would say do it on the morning prior to the refeed as part of a whole body final depletion etc. Keep in mind not to get too eccentric. Again, individuality rules the day, but that’s just what I suggest.

I like my refeeds to be in peace while zoning.

RS: That sounds great, bro! I’d be very interested in hearing more about your current plan, as far as frequency of refeeds, severity of dieting, etc. And, just like my boy Joel, what I value most is seeing my peeps be successful. I’ll continue to do whatever I can to make other individuals achieve their health, fitness, bodybuilding, strength, etc. goals as possible. It’s much more rewarding for me to see others achieve unchartered waters and set new standards than it is for myself to do the same.


Ive read the 175 posts on the forum, The Cheater’s Diet Meets EDT and the cheater diet, and have just had my refeed of information for the week, and find my neuro’s wanting to explode.

From what i understand, the most effecient way to burn fat and hold LBM, on a nutrition front is to have a Low carb diet eating high gi carbs after a workout (the carb amounts varing if workout is cv or wts) and then refeeding every 3/4 days for 8 hours in the pm with a high gi carb 70%, mod protein 25%. However The Refeeds vary in how often depending on how much fat there is to burn, and how long the metabolism has to be down regulated.

So are you saying, as long as the exercise is right, the main reason why people plateau on any diet is due to these damn leptin levels, being the main reason why metabolism down regulates and all they have to do is have a planned refeeds as mentioned above.

This may be simplifying things a bit,but im trying to get it right for myself and other individuals, so put me right if ive misunderstood

But otherwise Absolutely Brilliant Joel and T-maggers

Awesome education going off here