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Well I havent posted much around here, but I have been taking in a lot of what is writen. I am relly enjoying learning all about the different aspect os nutrition and how they help your physique. Most recently I have been really fascinated with the idea of refeeds. I am very happy to announce that I will be practicing my own approach to this today. It has been about two months since I last ate bad, and I am two hours away from tearing down a breakfast buffet. I have trained like a “savage” this entire weekl in anticipation, and I am getting ready to endure some intense fasted state cardio, after which I will be going straight to the buffet. I have planned to basiclaly take down all my craved foods, such as pancakes PB, waffles, ommelleets, bacon, eggs benedict. All of the nasty stuff. When I am done with tihis meal, I will be done for the day, I know this really isnt a “refeed” in the terms of how it is diagramd, but I feel to each individual is his own. After this meal I am planning on getting right back on my track, as I have already prepared my chicken for the day, and have some GROW packed away. MAn I love that stuff. Well that is the plan, for those interested I will let you know how it affected my physique positive/negative.

Just to clarify, that’s a cheat meal and not a refeed.

You’ll get the psychological benefits, but not the physiologic ones. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

DocT…I see your point, and it is correct. However, for Joey’s purposes, and because I despite the onus of cheat meal, let’s at least call this a planned overfeed to detract the negative connotation.

Joey…I have no doubt that this endeavor of your’s will do nothing but good for you psychologically and physiologically. I disagree that you’ll only get psychological benefits from it. You’ll be getting those same physiological benefits as you would from a planned refeed.

Anyway, we would appreciate you sharing how this helps your physique and training in the next few days.

Have a great time, brutha!

Dont look for it to affect your physique in any way; just eat.

Let us know how it goes! Might as well extend it into a full day refeed though and get all the physiological benefits as well.