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Refeed Schedule

I thought I posted this question once, but maybe not. Does the refeed have to be on the weekends? My current schedule is M,T,Th,F which means no lifting on the weekend. Do I need to be lifting during the refeed or is it okay if it happens on an off day? Oh by the way love this forum, if you can’t tell I’m new to the anabolic diet. My refeed day would be on a wednsday(13th day), so do I need to wait til the weekend before I indulge?

i think if you start on say a Tuesday then your refeed will be sunday and monday, the names of the days could matter less, its just for 36 hrs after every 5 days.

i think you can tweak the refeed too to even like every other week or something, im probaly not the best person to give advice since i just started learnign about this diet, but thats just my 2 cents.