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refeed question

Quick question on refeeds, if i am taking in 2150 calories a day, then on a refeed day i need 1361 calories, do those calories go on top of the 2150, equalling 3511 calories, i am following joels, 8 hour reffed m and f.

how would i space my eating out, considereing the reffed would be my last 3 meals of the day.

Did you check out the thread we have going on refeeds? It’s pretty elaborate and should answer most of your questions. But to help you out:

If you’re going with the 2 day a week 8 hour refeed, you’ll want to multiply your maintenance level (LBM x 15) by .625 for just the 8 hour period alone. If you make it the last three meals of your day, then for the beginning half of the day just consume your normal hypocaloric diet.

The overfeed would be .625 times your maintenance calorie intake (which is estimated to be around 15 LBM for most people). You consume your normal hypocaloric diet up until this point. For example, you start off the day with your first 3 meals as you normally would, then the last 3 meals should be equal to .625 times your maintenance intake with a macro breakdown of 70% carbs, 25% protein, and minimal fat. This is for the twice weekly approach.

Hopefully that explains things.