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HOw low should my carbs be during the week to allow for a refeed on Sat? I’m planning on about 80gr/carbs on workout days and 30-50gr/carbs non-workout days,Sun-Fri and my refeed on Sat…Is it worth it to have a refeed on sat if i’m eating that many carbs during the week? Normally I do a weekly refeed when I’m on zero-carbs…but now I plan on having a 1/2cup oatmeal with my low-carb grow for breakfast and surge post-workout to minimize lbm loss during my diet. What do you guys think???


Although, everyone is different when it comes to carb depleting and loading, the question is what are you doing this for? What is your ultimate goal here? Are you doing a bodybuilding show or just trying to lean out? I can help you if you give me that

My main goal now is maximum fat loss. I gained a little fat during rugby season and I want to get shredded for the summer. Although I would like to compete in a show once, right now its just strictly fat-loss.

The benefits of refeeding/overfeeding go far beyond simply glycogen replenishment. If you are restricting calories, regardless of your carb intake, you will benefit by periodically overfeeding.


Thanks for clearing that up Joel…I just figured I might not need a refeed if I’m taking in about 80g/carbs a day on a diet of 12cal/lb of bodyweight…