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Refeed Days on Bodybuilding Prep? 5 Weeks Out

Hi guys

Would just like to ask for some help regarding refeeds. Background info:

5 weeks out from show. 6’4’’ 248lbs.
Pull/Leg Days: 270 P, 65 F, 50 C.
Push/Off Days: 270 P, 65 F, 0 C.

Realize it’s very little food, but also running a decent PED dose so I’m actually getting stronger. Deadlift for 6 reps has gone from 220 kg to 250 kg from 13 weeks out to 5 weeks out. Other lifts have shown similar improvements, though deadlift has jumped the most probably due to my height making the lift easy to achieve.

Cardio has increased steadily and is at 2 hours p day atm.
Progressive overload method. Max 16-18 sets per day on the big muscles (excluding arms and calves). Beat every number for reps or weight used. A variation on Dorian or DC training, get most of my information from Jordan Peters (TrainedbyJP).

Now regarding refeeds, how much should I actually increase my carbs on those days? Have read Contradicting articles, some say triple your carbs, some say hit maintenance calories? What are your opinions on the matter?
Thank you very much

How long have you been at these macro numbers? Current weight on these numbers? Weight last week on these numbers or weight last week on different numbers (what were they)?

As far as refeeds go, I can throw out some ideas, but having no clue how your body handles carbs, or how it has since the start of your prep, I’d be extreme guessing at best.

1- Double your daily carb intake for refeeds. This is a usually safe bet, even if you’re running on very low carbs most days.

2- Add an extra carb based meal (ONE!) that has about 50-75g on your refeed day. This is something I’ve done with very sensitive clients, so hey get the hormonal bump up, but we quickly run through the extra carbs/cals and get back to running on an almost empty tank

3- Bump up Pre-training/post training meals in terms of carbs, but keep everything else the same. This is for someone running relatively low carbs, but not crazy sensitive like with option #2, so you get he bump, but you’re still riding on higher carbs post training for a bit before you settle back into your usual low carb routine.


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My diet went to this setup about 1.5 weeks ago. Before that it was 90g fat, not 65. Before that my diet has just been progressively dropping carbs whenever fat loss stopped. So I’ve been running these numbers for about 2 or three weeks. Weight fluctuates a lot because I live in an extremely hot country and we drink and/or lose water very very fast.

In my off season before this we got up to 600g carbs a day. So this is a major drop.

This is the most recent photo I have for condition. The only reason why I ask is because emotionally I am becoming extremely drained - I mean crying because I’m hungry or having to dig to deep emotional baggage to get a deadlift PB for reps.

I understand weight fluctuations, everyone experiences them from day to day (water, sodium, carb intake etc),… do you know your lowest readings the last two weeks? I can’t (won’t) make suggestions if I don’t know if the current numbers are working. If they are, you can coast without changes for a while. If you’re stalling, then perhaps a refeed is a viable choice.

As far as feeling so drained you’re crying,… honestly, I’ve pushed myself pretty damn hard when I was competing and I Have a memory of starting to tear up on a spin bike at 11:30 at night, starving, depleted, and just wondering why the hell I"m doing this to myself.

I would like to point out that with your protein intake so high, you could probably get away lowering it a bit and bumping either fats or carbs while keeping total caloric intake the same. Youd’ probably feel a hell of a lot better.


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