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Refeed, combating bloat, am I doing something wrong?

Hey all you refeed gurus. I thought about posting this on the refeed thread but it’s so long I thought it might get lost and unanswered. I’ve been practicing refeeding for the Hot-Rox cut twice a week. I generally try to eat one quality refeed meal (big meal) on the refeed day. For the rest of the day I eat my regular hypocaloric with less fat intake (and no fat supplements). I don’t know if its my choice of refeed foods or my body’s reaction but I bloat quite a bit the next morning. Some of it actually is a pretty serious pump but I gain about 3 lbs of water each time I do this. Is this normal? It takes me 1-2 days to get rid of it and then my metabolism starts cooking again to burn the fat off. I’ve been eating fat free pretzels, corn flakes, yams, and low fat waffles with maple syrup for my refeed meals (sessions as that meal sometimes gets consumed over the course of about 3 hours). This bloat is kinda bothersome. This week it has taken a little more time to get rid of it and I feel like I gained a little fat as well. Since I’m using Hot-Rox I might just go hypocaloric only and do very rare refeeds since technically I shouldn’t even need to do them. Any words of advice? Are my refeed foods questionable? I’m new to this and might just drop it altogether until I have a better understanding of how to do it properly.


If I were you, I’d read Joel Marions CHEATER’S DIET AND EDT (available at the Lair of Ice Dog forum).

If I remember correctly, how much refeed is necessary depends largely on how severely you’re dieting among other factors. Also if you go to the HOT-ROX forum, you’ll find Bill Roberts’ answer to some of the refeed questions.