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Refeed Before or After Pulse Fast?


Hi guys,

I just wanted some opinions on what order it would be best to do a pulse fast/refeed. I'm currently dieting and wanted to speed up my progress. I've been consuming pretty low carbs for about 3 weeks now, 100gr or so on training days and about 30g on non training days, seen pretty decent results so far.

Anyway, i've read a lot about the effectivess of doing a refeed to replenish muscle glycogen fully and make sure my BMR doesnt reset. I've also read a fair bit about pulse fasts and how they can really give a diet an added boost when you've stalled a bit.

My question is what order would be best to do it, pulse fast then refeed or vice versa? and if you could state your reasons why it'd be appreciated. Thanks!


I'm not sure what the best answer would be from the perspective of the most efficient use of the pulse fast. However, I've always used fasting days following a feast day as sort of a way to make up for some of the damage. It's psychologically freeing to be able to eat some good food without worrying, knowing you can create a mega calorie deficit the following day with a fast. Also, it's easy to fast without hunger pain on a day following a big feast.


With a Pulse fast, the two days after the fast are the most important. Eat clean. I know I am exaggerating, but you can actually feel your muscles sucking the nutrients.

Do your re feed anytime, except on those two days.


Read Martin Berkhans site...


Seriously dude, go away. You are starting to sound like a preacher with that site.

Yes, we know, intermittent fasting, blah, blah blah.

It has nothing to do with a Pulse Fast. NOTHING.


thanks for the replies guys, its really annoying cause what you're saying makes sense but i seem to remember CT saying the it worked really well if you did a refeed the day after a pulse fast. Then again i could be making it up. Hopefully someone else read the same spill and can shed some light. If not i'll take you're guys word for it and go with the refeed and then fast. thanks


right, after having re-read the article on pulse fasting i have to say it seems that a refeed the day after the fast would be the best option, but as long as its clean. From what i've taken from the article the day after the fast the body is primed to shuttle nutrients into the muscle and prevent fat storgage. So it makes sense to eat well as all the nutrients you consume should theoretically go towards building muscle as opposed to storing fat. Guess i'll just have to do it and see!



Most people think a re feed is time to pig out on everything you see.

Keep it clean and let us know how it worked out for you.


yeah i will do, its the first time i'm experimenting with pulse fasts and i'll be honest and i'm sure i'll get shot down for this but i simply cannot afford to use the MAG-10 protocol so i'm doing it with plain old BCAA's. I know it wont work as well but i'm sure the principle is the same. Fasting while using something to prevent muscle catabolism etc... anyway - will keep you updated. thanks


I think you can accomplish everything your looking for with BCAA.


Almost in the same boat. I can afford MAG-10, but not on the protocol they recommend. 1 scoop per WO is all I use (along with SWF and creatine). I add bcaa's first thing in the morning and when I get home from my WO.

Good luck