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Refeed Amount and Frequency

I’m currently cutting hard for an upcoming event I want to look my best at and have been for the past 11 days on 230g/75-100g/60g p/c/f upper/lower split with HIIT on lower days I’m 6 foot 168lbs and already around 10% I’d say full six pack and chest striations when I flex going on already but not much serratus poppin yet. The event is in exactly 12 days, and I haven’t had a refeed yet I was planning to this Sunday with 160g/420g/48g. I’d like some opinions on how those macros look for my refeed, and also if I should continue with my cutting macros up until the night before and refeed or refeed day of the event because it’s in the evening? Or even throw in another refeed day during cutting?

if your cut is only lasting 23 days then I’d not bother refeeding at all.

Cut and cut hard.