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Reeves Deadlift, Thoughts?

Hey Good Morning. I just wanted to see/hear if you had any thoughts on the Reeves Deadlift Variations? Garage based lifter here, and I have recently added these for VARIETY. Both the RDL which BTW I find very smooth and brutal on posterior chain/upper back…Also the reeves pull with the trap bar. My plates have the handles so technically not the old school reeves pull with the finger pinching but for aesthetics and upper back development I see no issues going with the handles. I am 6’3 and doing the reeves RDL feels extremely smooth. Plenty of experience with the snatch grip RDL and now this reeves variation feels just as good. I am in a pure upper back mode right now. lots of zercher variations thanks to you, lots of loaded carries up and down my street varying the distance and now this reeves variations will be added into the arsenal. Thank you so much