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Reevaluating My Training

I’m 5’4, 150lb and I’ve been training with weights for about 3 years. My personal goals are overall strength, endurance, and aesthetics. I don’t want to build up to huge proportions (ie: ProfX, et al). Though I do want to be like X, my diminutive stature combined with increased width would make me look even shorter than I already am (and I DO look very short). I do want to get a bit “bigger” in certain areas but in general I want to be able to lift heavier and look the part.

Running is a part of my life that I personally want to keep in the mix as I find peace and solace in it. It’s an almost religious experience to me. I realize that this will get in the way of building but I am willing to pay that price. I am looking to change things up and find an improved training regimen and would appreciate some advice.

My current training schedule is like this:

Monday: Back
Tuesday: Hill Run, Shoulders, Calves
Wednesday: Bicep, Tricep
Thursday: 30 min body weight circuit, Lunges
Friday: Chest
Saturday: Hill Run, Abs
Sunday: Long Run

My approach has been to do one round of each movement to failure, reduce weight, repeat x4 then after about 6 weeks switch to 10/8/6/4 on each movement and switch back after another 6 weeks.

make lifting your new religion, cut the cardio and lift more frequently

you can still run once a week to maintain cardio endurance without hurting anything too much

gain weight and get stronger

either running or weight training will have to die off somewhat to be good at either, looks like the running is winning right now

Given your goals I think Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 program would be a good fit for you or at the very least something you should definitely look into. I can’t really tell for sure from the outline you’ve given of your current program but it doesn’t seem as though you’re doing any squats or deadlifts, if not and you want to get stronger then these lifts are vital and Wendlers system provides an excellent structure for making steady progress in your strength level. Plus the program can be easily modified to include the type of training you want to do. In your case running.

@Trav: If I turn my back on the running gods, they’ll curse my lifting and cause my hand to slip during a 1 RM lift and split my head open. In all honesty though, I doubt I will cut the running down further than 2 days. I love it too much.

@brohalloran: I’ll definitely look into the 5-3-1. As for leg work/squats, the hills I’m running are over 50% incline and I’ve been using that up till now as I feel it from my knees to my mid back. I’ll look into incorporating some squats (the 30 minute thing I have on Thursday has one legged pistol squats too) and deads. Thanks.

I second the 5-3-1 as wendler basically set it up for athletes who do alot of conditioning, Wendler himself is doing alot of cardio with the program to cut down and get healthy.

[quote]postholedigger wrote:
… I do want to get a bit “bigger” in certain areas …


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postholedigger wrote:
… I do want to get a bit “bigger” in certain areas …



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