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Reebok Step Half-Bench?


Yesterday I saw a guy benching in the squat rack (it was Monday i.e. international bench day), but that's not all. He was benching with 3 of those pink reebok step riser squares on his chest so that the bar only had maybe 6 inches of travel. My question is: Is this even a real exercise? He was maybe 5'9", 160lbs. Am I right in thinking this might not have been the most effective exercise for him to spend a half hour on? The next time I see him, can I safely hate him for taking the squat rack for this?



It sounds to me like he was doing board presses, with the aerobic steps. This IS an excersise. It is used by powerlifters and athletes. Check out elitefts.com and defrancostraining.com if you would liek to learn more about the excercise. It is a GREAT strength builder.


J6 is semi right. It depends on how much weight he was using also. If he looks like he has below average strength then he should not be using that yet.


Why does it matter whether you can hate him for how he works out or not? Unless you were waiting on the squat rack, whats the big deal?

Apparently, the gym police now call T-Nation home.


I was waiting to squat. For a long damn time. And it seemed like he wasn't even doing anything worthwhile. I couldn't find any description of this half-bench motion in a casual search, thought I'd ask. Obviously, I'm not an expert, or I'd know that he was doing board presses and not some new-fangled douchy useless exercise. That's why I asked. If I called T-Nation home, I'd have more than one post. P.S., Go gamecocks.


it's a power cage. not a squat rack. there's a difference. it's not just for squatting. live with it or go home


F' that if he was doing it with 135lbs you can be mad at him. go to his area and lay on a few farts.


Actually plenty of people use the power cage for bench presses. Specially if they are training alone.

Granted he should not have been using reebok's steps to mimic partial benches, but maybe he doen't have the equipment but has the intention.

My granpa allways said the most evil a man can do is one coming from a motivated fool.


I performed 2-board presses just last night as my ME lift...but it was in my home gym and also with actual board presses. :wink:


Good tactic.


The irony in this post is almost too much to handle.


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Lets not start this up again. Lets just say that bitching about someone doing improvised board presses and laughing at someone struggling to do partial ROM weighted dips and then massaging their ego on a message board are not the same thing.

That being said, I am done responding to you in this thread now, so lets keep the shit-storm down.


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I think the problem is that he's already said he won't respond to me in this thread. Maybe someone else could relay the message to chuckles over here that he's been challenged to a dip off.

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