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Reebok Record Breakers 2017

SPF Reebok Record Breakers lives up to its name with multiple world records falling.

Cailer Woolam AKA Doctor Deadlift breaks his own deadlift world record in the 220s with 928lbs. Knee issues leading into the competition forced the deadlift god to pull with more back than leg but in the end he won’t be too disappointed with his ATWR. Haters may call downward movement but Ed Coan disagreed.

Stefi Cohen with an ATWR Total and Deadlift in the 123lb class. Having seemingly made near constant progress in the last year there was a sense of inevitability as Cohen opened with an easy 225kg for the ATWR deadlift

Ben Pollack ATWR Total at 198

Unfortunately no 308 DL world record for Steve Johnson AKA Forsaken Warrior with a missed third attempt at 942lbs


Dr deadlift just keeps getting better and better. Damn thats insane.

Especially when you consider his all time record (928) was 16lbs less than a failed attempt for a guy nearly 90lbs heavier

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Ben Pollack ATWR Total at 198

Andy Huang - 1st Place Overall

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I wasnt too happy to see some of the lifts here pass. In my opinion the should have been a lot more red lights. I didn’t see the whole thing just a few of the bigger name lifters

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No need to tip toe around the issue. At least half a dozen lifts that were/are world records or part of a record total should have been red lighted.

It’s SPF.

Spf plus judges that are not actually judges. Lot of tng benches, soft knees, and unlocked deadlifts. Id comment on squats but I’m overly strict on depth which is why my squats are too low. I get they wanted to have some well known lifters there but to put them as judges was a terrible idea. In my opinion if they have " celebrity" lifters there they should have bee ther to give advice,help in the warm up room, or just bs with the lifters between flights.

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This is why the IPF is still so popular, some of the other options are little more than a circus.

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Inb4 @Vincepac1500 ATWR Deadlift at Reebok Record Breakers 2018

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Well tested record. That untested record with goofy plates will stay for awhile

anybody have a link to the results?

speaking of lifts that shouldnt pass…this is a hitch right? or whatever it is called in a squat?

Hitch a squat…


You mean downward movement?

Results will probably be up soon here

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I’m not sure on that the bar dips but if you ficus on her hips she doesn’t double dip. Looks like her back caves a bit. Idk how they would rule that actually.


Pretty sure the rule is no downward movement of the bar.

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