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Reebok Easytones Don't Work


The claims were so bogus (yeah everyone here obviously knows) that even the FTC took this into their hands. Reebok is giving a refund to everyone who bough them apparently.


So, where do we get our thighmaster, gazelle, ab ribber, etc etc etc refunds?


lmao, like anyone is shocked by this :slightly_smiling:



Where those the ones that Joe Montana was sponsoring?


the company that made those powerbalance bracelets offered a refund for anyone who bought them cause they admitted that they didnt work.


NOOOO!!! I just bought four pairs of those to help tone up! WHY WHY WHY?

Thank god my ShakeWeight still works!


This oughta to be a bigger deal than it is. Bogus Supplement companies and those shakeweight and ab roller type exercise machines should really rethink how how they market their product.

At work,theres this girl that looks pretty good but since shes got a boyfriend now,has been putting on some weight. She got these new shoes and were expecting a major transformation. Basically,she wasted her money on uncomfortable shoes for nothing.


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Yeah I (think) I agree with that. On the one hand the bad person in me wants people to suffer for their stupidity.

But on the other hand there was a time when advertisers were held to higher standards and could not get away with false advertising. Because of that there are a lot of people who still believe that they could not make the claim if it's not true. I've had arguments me educated smart people who still think like this. It seems a lot of older people are like that and they get soaked over and over again because they trust companies because they think the government wouldn't let them sell it if it were a scam.

I am a bit torn though since the government protecting them in the first place has led to the lazy thoughtless consumption.


He was a schill for Sketchers that claimed the same thing. They aren't being targeted (yet) for a payout. I'm guessing the class action lawyers are drooling over this shit, now that Reebok is paying out. Personally, I think the people who bought these should be fined $25, to be paid back Reebok. A stupidity surcharge, if you will.


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I hope they take the 25 mil out of their CrossFit budget....


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