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Reducing waist size

As an “A” frame body, I have started to concentrate on reducing my waist to improve my appearance. I have naturally large legs/glutes, and a thick torso, so I am going to lay off the Squats/deads. I was thinking of doing mostly leg extensions/leg curls/lunges, then finishing off with some close stance squats and deadlifts with a belt. Any other suggestions, I don’t want to drop them completely!!! Should I still do hang cleans? Also, ab season is coming…what about oblique excercises? Should I stay away from them or will they add to thickness around the waist. Thanks.

As someone who has the same problem, I think that you’re concentrating on the wrong things. If you reduce your waist size, your hips/glutes are going to look even more out of proportion. If, however, you get your midsection thicker, it will make more of a continuous line from your lower body through your torso. Concentrate on making your shoulders stand out more, and that’ll probably get you more of the look you desire.

T-mag had an article about TVA training that was said to reduce the waist size. Never really followed through with it, so I can’t report any results.