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Reducing Volume in Guaranteed Strength and Size?

I really like the workout in your article guaranteed strength and size.

It just seems like a lot of volume in that first phase on the second workout of the week doing 5 sets of 8 on every exercise.

Would it be ok if I cut down the last two exercises of each day to three sets?

CT-I also struggle to maintain the intensity on that 2nd day so could i keep the 5 sets but drop the intensity and make it a lighter day? Perhaps 10% offset of the heavy day? Thankyou for your time

Yes, very mature. If you know you cannot tolerate the volume, reduce it while keeping the pattern of the program

Thank you

Also, how much weight do you recommend to add each week to the main lifts?

And is the goal to get all reps every week? Example… on phase 1 to get 8 reps on all sets all 3 weeks without missing a rep?

I’m going to drop the higher volume days to 3 sets also, for the reasons mentioned above and the higher volume lower body day takes me 1hr 45!

Yes, so it’s best to start conervative

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