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Reducing TRT Dosage or Skip An Injection?

I take weekly injections, 125mg (0.5ml) testoviron depot.
I had a bloodtest done about one hour before my normal injection time (so a total of one week after last injection).

Testosterone was 1,444 ng/dL (249 - 836)
Estradiol (E2) was 86.3 pg/mL (25.8 - 60.7)

If the T levels are this high JUST before I take an injection, then I think I may be injecting too much.

I am considering lowering my dosage to 100mg and possibly lower.

I am curious if I should just switch to 100mg with the next injection, or should I skip an injection to allow the T level to drop further (therefore go a total of two weeks before I resume at 100mg/week).

I wish to avoid taking an AI if possible. Given the high T levels, perhaps lowering my T will also lower my E2.

Any advice please?

Thank you.

take it down to 100mg and see how everything looks in a couple of weeks, I would strongly advise taking an AI, really light dose to start

I wouldn’t “skip” a dose, but I have lowered it because my TT was going to high and causing some Bp issues. Then returned to my normal dosing once I leveled off.