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reducing stretch marks

i was wondering if anyone knows a good vitamin supplement for reducing stretch marks. i dont mind the armpits but im now getting them on my bicep peak and i’m not liking it. any help would be appreciated.


There’s a product out there called Mederma, I believe this it’s supposed to help with scarring.

Retin-A has been working pretty well for me. It’s a bit expensive; try buying it online to save a bit of money. Overall it’s just going to take time, but if you use it consistently, it should be effective. Hope this helps.

i was told coco butter would help. I guess anything that will allow the skin to be soft and flexible, not tight. I’m not sure if it works. laters pk

lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids will help reduce the appearance of scars. Stretch marks are scars, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Just break open a vit E pill and put some of the oil on the stretch marks. You have to do it consistently, but over time, it should work quite well. Worked well for me with a scar.