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Reducing Stomach Fat Before Steroid Cycle?

I’ve been weight lifting before few years but I’ve given up after few years as my muscles are not growing enough (had so ordinary muscles so one could rarely tell that I lifted weight for years) for the period I was doing workouts. But, now I’m more than 30 and willing to start doing a steroid cycle as I have done some research into it. I’ll be using nandrolone 400mg + stanazolol 50mg for 6 weeks and then I’ll heading for the PCT with tamoxifen, clomiphene and HCG … But since I didn’t do any weightlifting exercises for couple of years, I have fat in my stomach … So, what should I do first? just go with the steroids and getting enough exercises and diet planning? or first eliminatng belly fat before going for the steroid cycle? belly exercises will not help I guess. How to cut stomach fat? How do you do it? by controlled carbohydrate intake?

I know this is your decision and all… But if you don’t even look like you lift in the first place, you’re doing it wrong…

how do you do it? by cutting down carbohydrate intake? or other steroid to shred?

and no, it’s like, I’m a slim person … so I think my genetics doesn’t allow me to big muscles by normal weight lifting.

Oh man where do I even begin… guys help this poor fellow out


Alright I have a little more time on my hands now.

You do not even understand the basic concepts of macronutrients and calorie consumption.

Please follow my advice and do not take drugs until you fully understand the chemical processes in your body.

Proper diet, lifestyle and understanding of your own body are always necessary and drugs will not substitute for that. Start reading as much as you can. Acquire knowledge about every bit related to fitness and your body.
Once you understand and apply the principles you will be able to build a great body without the use of drugs.

If you’re ever to reach that point, then you can think about drugs.

Realize this is your body. You only have one and it’ll stick with you forever. Make sure you treat it right.

thank you for the reply, I’ll look more into macro nutrients and calorie consumption.

so you don’t do steroids? and having a great body without it?

yeah I understand that, I’m working on it.

yes you’re right … that’s why I’m researching more deeply before having steroids.

Check out this thread and the linked ones: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=136691851 for some basic understanding

I am 100% natural and plan to be so for as long as I can. The only circumstance I will ever consider drugs is when I’m too old to produce my own testosterone.