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Reducing Muscle Size


I am striving to get good male body proportions not just size. I am endomorphic and want to develop a more mesomorphic physique over time.

When I first started going to the gym, the gym instructor told me to do lots of squats and thigh excercises -which made my thigh muscles huge, but the rest of my body stayed pretty much the same. For some reason only my thighs grew - which looks ugly if its not proportionate.

According to ideal male proportions I should have thighs that are 21.7 inches, but I have thighs that are 35.8 inches. Some of this is fat, but I know I could never go down to 21.7 inches wihout removing a lot of the muscle I built up earlier. I would have to loose 15.1 inches off my thighs to reach my goal. Is it possible to loose muscle and fat in isolated parts of your body once built - i.e. thighs?

How can I get my legs looking longer, more cut and smaller? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Stickmen have bigger thighs than 21.8 inches. Can you tell me exactly where you got this info on "Male Body Proportions from?"

Also if your gym instuctor told you to just do squats you should slap him. Also, why do you only do them.

YOu say at the end how it looks ugly because you only have big thighs then why the fuck do you not do some oter excercises, for your upper body, hams e.t.c? Also, why not try reading a bit of this site before you post?


Agreed. Blaming how big your thighs are on your gym teacher sounds lame. Honestly, the picture being painted is that you went to the gym what, 4 days a week? And only did squats? For how many years did this go on? You didn't train any other body part for how long? 21" quads are about the size of legs on people WHO DON'T LIFT WEIGHTS. Why would anyone want small legs to that degree? Why even train?

My belief? You didn't train anywhere near enough to account for "huge legs" and much of that is body fat. I would also guess that you concepts of weight training are skewed and as such, you should probably spend more time reading this site and expanding your base of knowledge. I don't know anyone in the weight room daily who is trying really really hard just to get 21" quads.


Jesus man my legs were 23 inches when I started. Are you mad?



Troll alert!


Drag your huge drumsticks around the track on marathon like runs... that will shrink up everything -- if you survive.


Don't bother about it. Build up the rest of your body to fit the size of your legs instead!


35.8 inches? Good work. Ronnie's are 36.


I want my ARMS to be 21.7 inches!!

That "ideal male calculator" sucks balls.



Hang on, how tall are you Rahul ?


I got this from google:

To come up with 21.7 as a thigh measurement, you would have to have a wrist measurement of 6.3" according to this thing. Needless to say, I think it is garbage but it would explain where he got that concept. I find it more than interesting that instead of telling us his waist measurement (since that is something possibly most quickly changed) he gives us his quad measurement and claims that squats did this to him. Either way, by that calculator, I need to lose some muscle mass as well.

The chance of that happening on purpose is pretty damn slim.


sorry typo there - my thighs are not 35.8 inches they are 25.8 inches and I am 5"10. And I did not only do squats, I did a full body workout, but a lot of squats and leg excercises at the time, with relativley less upper body excerises - about 3 years ago.

I am naturally endomorphic and need to train right for my body type. how can I transition to a mesomorphic look over time.


Holy crap. This is the dumbest thread I have read in at least 27 minutes.

Dude - do you actually want smaller legs because you think they look stupid, or because you a random calculator that told you you had big legs?

For a 5 foot 10 guy, your legs are small to normal size anyway.

I'm calling bullshit. No-one could be this gay on purpose.


i dont think his legs are small to normal size

my thighs are 27" at a height of 6" and i have a bitch of a time finding pants that are the correct waist size that dont constrict my thighs

im not saying im big, but it isnt the norm unless his waist is 40" or something crazy like that


You keep building muscle. And then you lose fat.


I agree. 26 inch thighs on a 5'10 guy aren't that big at all. If they look huge on you, then you need to work on your upper body proportions.


Dude - current men's fashion is not a good way to measure if you are well built or not.


Men have fashions now? I thought that was only gay and metrosexuals that had fashions!?

I did my knee recently and shrank down to 23 inch thighs and they looked pittifully thin. According to that calculator 23" is how big my thighs should be.


Did I mention my 20 (soon to be 21") are considered VERY skinny? And they are? btw, I have NO fat on my legs. I want at least 24", but 26" wouldn't be bad either.I am 5'10" too.Igonre calculators.
Strength, Vlad


Exactly. Most Men's clothing wasn't designed for anyone but very sedentary people. If your goal was to just fit into what is considered "normal", why did you ever lift weights in the first place? 25" thighs are thin unless he is 5'5". I still would like to know which calculator he used because at 5'10", a wrist just over 6" is pretty damn small as well.