Reducing Lean Muscle Mass - HELP

Ive been competing for 10 years, earned my pro card but no longer want to have such a muscly frame. I still want to be athletic but no longer what the heavy muscle.
Im 5ft 7 and have a lean muscle mass of 60+ kg (63kg lean muscle was my highest reading)
I would still like to train but if anyone has gone through this process or has helped someone out before, any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hi there, kiwi.

I’m not quite in that position, but I have stopped training legs for now, while continuing to isolate and train glutes. If you pull back and train less, the muscle will begin to go. I’ve seen this involuntarily when I’ve been injured, and I’ve lost some size when I couldn’t train. The body doesn’t want to keep it around if it’s not necessary.

I’m currently still lifting, but I’m more focused on ballet barre, and I just signed up for yoga classes for the summer. My situation is more of an aging well issue. I want to maintain some metabolism and keep a more athletic look, but minimize my risk of injury. Also, I like more of a small figure to bikini look since I’m petite.

I’d say pull back a bit from your lifting. Move to higher rep ranges, and more BW movements. Move to exercise you enjoy that is either focused on a sport, dance or yoga types of things, or just walking.

Does that make sense? You’re super experienced, and I haven’t really done this but those are my thoughts.


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Just another thought. You could just stay out of the gym for about 3 months. Walk and eat at a very gradual deficit. Then reassess from there.

If I recall correctly, I believe Jamie Eason did something similar so that she would look a bit less muscular in order to do more mainstream fitness modeling.

Thanks heaps for your thoughts Puff… some great ideas and ill look into what Jamie Eaton did.
haven’t trained much at all this year due to change in job. maybe im being a little impatient but i feel this muscle is not dropping off fast enough haha

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