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Reducing Fish Oil on CLA?


I am interested in experimenting with CLA as mentioned in the recent article, 2-4g/day. I currently take 4-9g of fish oil. Should I reduce my fish oil consumption when taking CLA?


ive been drinking fish oil for years about 20g a day ( i just swig it out of the bottle a few times a day ).
i started cla about a year ago 4 caps a day .
from all what ive read they work well together . i noticed that i looked more muscular when i started it and i didnt gain as much fat when im on gaining phases .


I would say, depends on your macros, if your following a specific dietary macro for fat then ya, cut out a little fish oil.

Now if your doing it purely as an experiment, then don't change anything so you can really measure the change of just the CLA if that makes sense, hope this helps!


Sounds good, I don't track macros-just calories and try to make sure most of my cals are from protein. I probably get a lot of dietary fat, but I don't gain bodyfat easily and my numbers at the doctor are always good.