Reducing Excess Estrogen

Hey guys,

          I was wondering if the members reading this would post their experiences with reducing excess estrogen through DIM or I3C, and calcium d-glucarate.  I know that too much estrogen can inhibit T4-T3 conversion, as can heavy metals.  I've also read that excess estrogen leads to significant brain fog, fat deposition, lack of morning erections, etc.  I'm wondering if reducing these estrogens will indirectly help my thyroid.  Thanks!

It is often seen that low thyroid levels can reduce T levels, and visa versa. Sometimes fixing one fixes the other. Some guys on TRT hit a wall with undiagnosed low thyroid levels.

Your thinking is sound. Those agents may work, but are not highly effective.

If thyroid status makes you fat, that can increase E and lower T.

What is your iodine intake?
What are your thyroid lab numbers, units and ranges?

Age? Weight? Waist size? Height?

Might be time for a male hormone panel and CBC.

What Rx or OTC drugs have you been using, these can increase E levels.

PM with details that you don’t want to post here.