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Reducing DHT with AI?

Hi there guys, I am planning on doing a mono cycle of testo 500-750. My question is: is it possible to reduce dht using an aromatase inhibitor?. For what I understand, test converts to estrogen and that elevation of estrogen is what causes the rise of the more potent androgen dht to make up for its effects. Is it true? having higher estrogen while on cycle is equivalent to having a higher dht? or they are not connected like that and dht will be rhe same with estrogen at 20 and at 100? Cheers people.

Nope. You can use a 5-AR inhibitor to reduce DHT. Not that anyone here will recommend you do so.

Also higher DHT reduces estrogen \ competes at the receptor \ acts as an AI and not the other way around.

Why do you want to reduce DHT?

yeah I know about tha shit of finasteride, never gonna try it, heard some horror stories. I think you have it backwards, not asking what can do DHT for me, but how can I lower it. The reason? Being bald is not a possibility I want to contemplate. Thanks for replying man

If an answer like that existed without any harm, finasteride would be a defunct medication.

I don’t like that i’m losing my hair as well but that’s just life