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Reducing Cholesterol

My mom is 50 years old with a cholesterol level of 262. She has just joined my gym and is going to finally start lifting weights. What kind of tips can I give her as far as diet, program of lifting weights, or herbs that can lower her cholesterol and increase her health. Also, how can I convince her that aerobics isn’t the key to getting fit. She is worried that her doctor will put her on lipitor. Can Bill and/or Brock give me any info on this drug or on lowering her cholesterol? Thanks for any information.

Go to the WebMd website and search for “psyllium”. This is an all natural product and there is some evidence it may lower cholesterol levels. Read what there study says and then go to your local heath food store to see if they have it. Check with the doctor before using it of course.

Hi Tim. There have been several posts to this BB in the last few months about lowering cholesterol, some with good input about various alternative things to do. If you’ll do an author search on my name, you’ll come up with at least one or two. You can also search by subject, and that will give even more posts. Info for lipitor can be found in the Physician’s Desk Reference as well as any consumer drug guide, which can be found at the local library. The web site mentioned below has a drug guide that can also give you some info. Good luck!. Greg D

I’ve been researching this very topic for MY mom, too. I’ve found that psyllium husk powder is great. Apple juice is a powerful anti-cholesterol. Flax oil and soy protein also help women lower cholesterol.

There are three or four things she can do to lower her overall levels. The exercise is a great way to start. Also she can run down down to the local health food store and pick up some Lecitin. She should sprinkle some on her food at each meal. Dietary carbs. should be veggies and protien, hold the starches.

The digestive enzyme Lipase will clear her excess collesterol when taken between meals. Works great.


Tim, you may want to order your mom some Methoxy-7. From what has been said, it helps lower cholesterol, as well as help keep muscle mass while dieting.

And of course, proper training and a clean diet (minus fried foods, etc) will help get her cholesterol down!

I think fiber intake and being regular, in general, is a large part of helping reduce cholesterol. Having a lot of bulk in your stools provides a vehicle for the extraction of excess cholesterol and other junk directly from the blood. Take a look at your Mom’s diet and see if she is taking in 25-30 grams of fiber a day. If not, ramp it up slowly over a period of 2 months or so to allow time for adjustment for the extra bulk.

In December '99, my cholesterol was 221. I was taking in lots of sugars, not exercising, and I was not regular at all.
I radically changed my diet, adding fibrous whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and I started lifting weights again after a 3.5 year layoff.
I cut down on sugars and other high glycemic carbs, and generally just cut carbs and fats.
When I started lifting again in January '00, I began consuming protein shakes. I always add a 3-4 gram serving of generic natural fiber supplement (unflavored psyllium husk) to my shakes.

Over the months, I lost a load of fat, became regular, and my cholesterol dropped to an astounding 128 in August '00.
Psyllium husk should only form a portion of the fiber, though. The rest should come from whole foods.
Good luck Mom!


Hey Nilo, good work on lowering your cholesterol. But it most likely wasn’t the fiber that did it. Research has documented that insulin spikes have a direct relationship with increases in serum cholesterol, which is why diabetics have a terrible time controling blood lipids. Eliminating simple sugars and moderating the intake of carbs most likely had a lot more to do with it in your case.

Tim, as far as your mom goes, I agree that adding lecithin to the diet can have an almost immediate effect on lowering the blood lipids. Over the long term, research has shown that supplementing with lecithin, vitamin E, the B vitamins and magnesium can reduce and/or eliminate arterial plaque buildup as well. Lecithin is composed of EFAs, cholin and inositol, so make sure that if she starts taking it she also increase her vit E as well, as it will increase her overall intake of fats. Good luck!