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Reducing Blood Pressure on Test-E?

Hey guys. We all know the blood pressure rises a little when in cycle. No biggie. I’m wondering if there is a way to bring it down for a physical test justvfor a day. I’ll be taking a physical test where the check the BP before to make sure your okay. Any suggestions?
Pills? Advice please

Have you actually tested your BP and found it high?

Alright want to cover a couple of things first. Obviously when on test our bodies produce more aromatase enzyme to convert the test to estrogen. That increase in estrogen causes water retention and that causes our hearts to work harder ala higher blood pressure. I dont know how new you are to AAS but I had a physical early on in my cycle history and at the time I didn’t realize how much water I was retaining until that blood pressure reading. So obviously make sure you have your AI dialed in to just keep that blood pressure in a good healthy range.

Other than that as far as something to take in the moment to help blood pressure there are the ED pills. Viagra, Cialis. Most of our UGL sources carry them and they are known to have a healthy impact on blood pressure. I am not sure how long you need to take them to see the difference though.

You could also try something like Xanax or Valium but that really just relaxes you and in turn your calm demeanor promotes lower blood pressure. However if this is a full physical with drug screening for work I would not do that. There are herbal or over the counter things like valerian root and benadryl and they can help relax you.

Hope some part of this helps.

Why don’t you just buy a $15 blood pressure meter and test your BP?! Unless you know it’s out of range for whatever physical examination your concerned with failing this all may be a moot point. You may find out that you’re fine…then again you may just need a small dose of a vasodilator (like a pump agent…watch for added stims) to temporarily get you into range.

Cialis 20mg prior to test

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