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Reduced Urination at Night

One odd thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve gone from really needing to go 2-3 times a night to mildly needing to go once now. Any one else get this added benefit? Any ideas as to why, as it seems counterintuitive

Maybe you are holding less water through the day so not dumping water at night.

Possibly although that sort of goes against the grain too as far as t and water retention goes no?

I consider once nightly urination normal, unless gulping down large amounts of water before bed.

Depends on so much. Some people hold water and some dont. So many factors come into play.

Yes I used to drink water before bed and pee all night. Now I can drink a couple bottles of water and not have this urge. This is 3 months in: started about a month ago. Pleased.

Maybe it healed the prostate! Urinary tract is healthier… who knows.