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Reduced Mental Capacity After Workout


Sorry for not being clear, I mean energetic after the workout and sharper with the exception of when I make a workout more brutal.

Might also be a case of not knowing when to pick and choose your battles.

After lower body workouts I always like to go for a 30-60 minute walk and I think it helps a lot.

There all things to think about.

Do you have a log? If so, you might want to start logging how you feel before, during, and after the workouts to see if you can spot a pattern. I would definitely start doing something for conditioning (whether it's shorter rest between sets or complexes, sled work, hill sprints; maybe even just regular walking can do the trick)


How.. could we know we aren't?


Maybe you just have ADD?

Side Note:

you're 165 pounds and you're eating 3,000-4,000 cals a day from all "clean" meals and no cheat foods? really? are you running half marathons every day or something?


I know this doesnt help, but Im always really amped up after my workout.

I am really good at black ops after a work out, my reflexes are like lightning


I would get sluggish from eating that few carbs. The brain fucking loves glucose. Try eating more carbs. Losing your abs beats losing your mind, and you don't have to do either.

I get sluggish for the rest of the day if I go balls to the wall on squats or deads. Power Drive (before or after my workout) helps with this, it might help you with your problem.

Try nootropics. There are 3 threads about them on this site, the first post in this thread sums them up pretty nicely. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/brain_function_boosters_20


Try uping the caloric intake. And see how that feels.


I'm 176 and eat 3000 just to maintain my weight... And he is much leaner.

OP have you tried working out in the evening a couple hours before bed? Change of time might help.


Or maybe you're just a dim bulb to begin with.

Do you need me to define "dim bulb?"



Could be overreaching/overtraining. How long since you last took time off or deloaded? Also do you consistently train to failure and incorporate alot of intensity techniques? negatives, forced reps etc.


So you weigh more than him, eat less than him and are fatter than he is? Why are you comparing your circumstances to his again?


Cold intolerance,fatigue,lethargy,slow cerebration with poor memory maybe subclinical hypothyroidism due to hyponatremia from peeing out every hour with ++ water in-take at the work out. Not a diagnosis just a question, I would go see the GP.


@ID, you could illustrate it for him, lol.


Good point, historically I haven't been great at choosing my battles. Each workout I aim to hit predefined numbers and I don't easily back down. I'll definitely be cognizant of these patterns in the future.

Good call on the logging. I do log workouts, but only numbers.


I just did a quick calc and I average ~3,400 cals/day with little variance. All clean-- haven't had a cheat meal in probably a year, and no desire to do so. I eat to live not the other way around.

I lift twice a week. Big compound movements. I'm mesomorphic shrugs

When eating clean I can eat a metric fuck ton and not get fat. I ate a clean ~4,500 cals/day for about 2 years when I was lifting more volume. Thats when I got up to 195, but I was still low body fat.


I eat a lot of oatmeal-- usually 3 cups per day
My current diet is: fat/carb/prot = 35/40/25
I also take in dextrose after workouts

Thanks for reminding me, I've been meaning to try Power Drive for a few years. It's time to take the plunge.


I ate ~4,500 cals/day for a couple years and still experienced the symptoms


Yeah, it helps in that I don't have to deal with the intense mental exhaustion for long before sleeping. But I feel most energetic in the morning and usually feel sluggish by evening, which tends to affect my lifts. This may end up being the best 'fix' if all else fails.


Thank you for taking the time to post


I've been doing 5/3/1 by the books for about 6 months, so I deload once a month
I never purposefully lift to failure-- only when I miss a lift
No negatives, no forced reps


Go see a doctor...a sports medicine inclined one perferably.