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Reduce Weight-Less Reps or Less Weight

I have for some unknown reason peaked at my military press (barbell behind the head) sessions. I normally perform 3 sets, all to failure, and maxed at 6,6,5 reps. The past two sessions I have only been able to hit 5,4,4 and again 5,4,4.

Is it better to reduce the weight and perform more reps (6,6,6 / 7,7,6) or to continue with 5,4,4 and slowly increase the reps.

I am having the same situation lately with skullcrushers/tricept extensions. I can’t even come close to the 7,6,6 range. (Now 4,4,4!)

– I took my 13th week off two weeks ago –

What is better in these cases? Higher weight, minimal reps (5,4,4) or reduce the weight and get back to my normal range of 7,6,6??


I would say increase weight and do 6 sets of 2. Use your current weight and add 5 pounds/workout. Once that goes up 30-40 you will have improved with your normal pattern.

I would also add you need to recover more before going again if you are regressing. Inculding rest, MORE food, and other various things.

Change it up for a bit and do something new, be it reps, sets, or even a different movement all together.

Good Luck,