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Reduce Red-Meat Intake After that Study?


I read a couple articles on that study that came out recently; linking red-meat (and pork) consumption to higher rates of death. I'm going to read the actual study as soon as I can find a link to it. Basically it was implying that by eating 'massive' quantities of red-meat daily (8 oz.!!) you were increasing your chance of death by cancer/strokes/heart disease.

Now I understand the heart disease portion is easily preventable and monitorable. But I really would rather not get cancer. I'm thinking of replacing red meat, which I currently 12 oz. of every single night of the week, with some chicken and/or turkey a couple nights per week. Anyone else following suit?


I'll take my chances, just had a steak for lunch so hope I'm not killing myself

EDIT; maybe post a link to the study that'd help


I'm not changing my red meat intake at all. Many of those studies only show correlations and do not pinpoint cause and effect. They usually blow at telling readers what other foods those people were eating (were those eating red meat also eating lots of high carb/fat meals?).


I'm going to read it this week at some point and see if this study is any more reputable than that putrid 'drink red wine for the health benefits' study. UGh. First study we ripped to shreds in my stats/research methods class


I can't imagine changing my eating habits based on some studies without actually understanding the reasoning behind it, which s almost always absent from media articles citing studies. If you blindly followed the 'links' found in these studies that hit the media you'd be unable to eat anything but probiotic enhanced yogurt.

Is there some specific reasoning mentioned in the articles that leads you to believe this is sensible and applicable to your situation?


That's how I feel also. If a study shows correlation but there's no logical reasoning behind the claim it's making, it will take a lot more to sway me.
For instance, if a study showed a correlation between smoking and death I would believe it. You can actually study the mechanisms that cause damage to your health from smoking.
But red meat? C'mon.


You mean....

more than 100% ?



A big part of the higher death rates is in the preperation methods (chargrilling, smoking/curing, processing) associated with red meat. Also, the study compared the quintile consuming the MOST red meat with the quintile consuming the LEAST red meat to arrive at it's conclusion. If I recall corectly, that's not the only case of statistical shenanigans.

But really though, is it that hard to reduce your consumption of red meat even just by a little? There are so many other tasty protein options out there that I like to play it safe and not eat red meat EVERY day of the week.


There's compounds in the meat, and how it's digested, and both are carcinogenic apparently.


do you have a link to the study? I'm trying to find it.


Did you know that the Okinawans are among the longest living people on the Earth? Guess what they eat a plentiful amount of... pork. Yes they do skimp on the red meat, but they eat a fair amount of pork. Along with Sardinians, they too eat a fair amount of pork. Don't jump on bandwagons so fast, studies have been skewed to achieve a specific objective.


From what I recall of the study in question, there was no distinction made between types of red meat and processing associated with it. So a person who ate a pound a day of McDonald's burger meat would be treated the same as a someone eating a pound of grass fed buffalo.

Regardless, my intake of red meat is regulated more by my preference for remaining regular than by a fear of cancer.


Is this the article?


Honestly, I think it is way overhyped though.


Epic :smiley:


It's just a bunch of hype and media blowing shit out of proportions. These diet studies are never controlled enough, never specific enough, and never actually tell us anything worth while.


Red Meat=Chicken Fried Steak. FTW.

It is just another Chicken propaganda study. Hear all this crap back and forth all the time. Do not pay attention to it. Eat red meat, makes your dick stiff and the hair on your chest grow.


..i think the study is crap to be kind. but the end conclusion could still have some merit. an interesting and not so common take on the subject.......



Read the China Study.


So THIS is why I have my winter coat in August? LOL


Read the Anabolic Diet. They pretty much debunk this myth. Don't get me wrong, the studies are probably done in good faith, but many of the authors have beaten to death that it's fat during an insulin spike that causes health problems (i.e. carbs).

Eat your read meat stay away from the carbs on days you eat red meat.

Many reccomend the anabolic diet.

There's also the T-dawg diet and Thib's protocol that entail insulin spikes. These diets include carbs but are still a drastically lower amount of carbs than the average person's diet. I'm an anabolic diet guy, but I plan on trying the protocol and T-dawg when I'm done cutting. I know they entail insulin spikes only while lifting. I'm not sure if you eat red meat on these days or not, but I know for sure you still eat red meat on days you do not create an insulin spike.

In short, red meat is not the enemey, and there's plenty of info if you just do a search of "red meat" on this site.