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Reduce LDL Fast?


I just came off a 6 week cycle of HDrol (50/75/75/75/75/100) and my LDL came back at 257, which is almost double the high range for the lab. This concerned my doctor who then wanted to pull my TRT immediately, which I had just started.

As I’m taking 125mg test e/wk and no longer on the HDrol, will my LDL drop? And by how much can I expect?

What can I do to speed up the process?

I’m still taking NAC for the liver and 4g of fish oils per day.

My next labs are on 8/8.



Besides just eating well, and taking care of yourself, you could try GW 501516, it was originally made to combat poor LDL levels, and a so called cure for obesity, at a low dose drastic improvements can be made


Not any real time for that. With eating well, how much can I expect my LDL to go down per week after a cycle?

I knew LDL would go up, but really didn’t expect a 200% increase as I’ve seen other people’s blood work and it wasn’t that drastic, plus, I was eating clean (chicken breast, salads, whey shakes, etc.) on a keto diet; so I don’t get it.


the GW will help a ton


Albuterol would be a good option.


Hey, thanks for that. I was actually holding off on an Albuterol cycle until my LDL became healthy enough to run it… heh