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Reduce Calories During Week Off?

so i decided to take this week off to ease my mind and have a little break. i only reduced calories by around 200-300 since im wayyyy less active. and already lost 1.5 pound. will i be weaker next week because of this? should i eat more? should i reduce weight used?

If you are weaker from 1 week off of training, seek immediate medical attention as you may have some sort of muscle wasting disease.


@T3hPwnisher even with 1-2 pounds lighter?

You may want to preemptively dial the numbers “9” and “1” into your phone…


hell a 1-2 lbs variation in ones weight is not a big deal. Any you might have lost could simply be water weight.

It mostly depends on someone’s activity level. I personally like to cut at a high deficit because I’m not a fan of cutting forever. 1.5 pound a week, IMO is too slow for my preference.