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Redsox's College Log

So, I’ve finally decided that it’s time for me to start a blog to keep track of my training progress. I am currently a freshman in college and ever since my baseball season ended in the spring of my senior year, I’ve been really on and off about my training, never sticking to any set workout plan or schedule, taking weeks off at a time. I’ve lost a good amount of the strength that I had built through 2 years of serious training and by strength I mean I was finally able to bench the bar. GO ME! All kidding aside, I did build up a considerable amount of strength, at least for me, and would like to regain that and then some. So, i’m hoping this blog can help hold me accountable and actually tick to a set plan and achieve this goal.

So, now to the good stuff. I’m currently 6’5 and weight about 215-220 LB. I’ve never tested my max’s but if i were to guess, about a year ago, they were about 205-215 bench, about 300 squat and 275 deadlift. I don’t know what they would even be near now a-day but I know they would be considerably less. I just recently started Nate Green’s Built for Show and currently on week 2 of the winter phase.


A. Front Squat


B. Step-ups


yeah, yeah I know it’s suppose to be 5x5 but when you go to a school of almost 30,000 people and only 3 squat racks, you start to get dirty looks from people much bigger than you when you’ve been using the squat rack for that long

c. Dumbbell Romain Deadlift (substituted this for leg curls)

D. Incline sit up (substituted for cable wood chops. Again 30,000 person school, can’t do everything I always want to)

E. Side Plank
1x30 sec