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Redness in Eyes, Veins Very Visible

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I’ve been seeing very noticable red veins in my eyeballs lately, they seem to be getting more prominent, even slight spots of redness, sometimes feel pressure as well, this freaked me out and been to the doctor.

My BP was 143/94, which is above the norm, but for being on a cycle it doesn’t seem too crazy.

However still I was much concerned and even pretended to the doctor as if my symptoms were way worse than they are, told him like i feel like my eyes are gonna explode from pressure, and that see less clearly, very exaggerated.

But the damn guy keeps insisting that I don’t have to worry about anything serious with my eyes and doesn’t wanna prescribe me something to lower BP.

Like really the f*k… Should I just jump on BP meds myself just in case? What an A-hole, the healthcare insurance in my country is great and all but they don’t take you seriously unless you come in half dying.

Reduce your test dose if possible? Less compounds? It’s not super high compared to unhealthy people but it might be very high for you.

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It’s weird coz this is quite mild to what I have ran before.

I have ran even Test/Tren/Mast + Winstrol before and didn’t experience this.

Could it be due to high estrogen?