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Redneckmuscle Training


Well, I figured since I am new here, I may as well start a log. Will post somethin or other tomorrow.


Figured I would post a little about myself. I’ll actually put up some workouts startin monday.

Started lifting about 13 yrs old, and had no Idea what I was doing. Didn’t have enough money for internet, or cable a lot of times, so I just pretty much did a bro workout without realizing it. Lots of chest, biceps, abs and cardio. Very little legs, and back was damn near non-existent.

Learned about proper training around 16/17 and have been lifting proper since. More of a strength athlete than anything else, but I have dabbled around endurance stuff and a bit of bodybuilding. I include a little bb’in in my training, but I am more about getting stronger.

I do a little crossfit, but I don’t call myself a crossfitter. It’s a nice change and a good conditioning/cardio workout at the very least.

That’s all for now.


Leg training (sunday)

Bulgarian split squat (bottoms up style) - build up to 150 lbs per leg, sets of 5, drop to 75 lbs for burnout set
Hack squat (barbell) - pyramid style w. weights (what’s this method called anyway?) started at b.w. (185 lbs) and added small plates each set, build up to 265 lbs, and back down to 185 lbs. 2 sets @ 185 lbs for burnout
Single leg squat finisher and knee slaps

2 hrs of football with my buddies. (startin to become a regular thing)

(not sure if “knee slaps” is what its called, but it’s decent cardio and I got over 100 in less than 6 min. Saw someone doing it in ufc training and thought I would try it.)

I like only doing a couple movements per bodypart, but making them hard as possible. I love the bottoms up style of bss, it is damn hard! Like hacks too.