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Redneck Band Great Music


Anyone ever heard music from Rebel Son? This group from Raleigh makes Hank III look like a choir boy. Some of their songs are funny as hell, such as (All the Chicks with Dicks)Please Stand Up. Youtube.


See "living in the south"



Saw your posts for RS. Too much good music from them on youtube.


good stuff. as a fan of rockabilly/psychobilly/(old) country music, this is great. I love redneck-type country :D.



I like this one by them a lot. it's slower but hot damn that's some diggity-dawg good music

Disclaimer: yes I'm yankee as fuck


Finally was able to post the RS song "Please Stand Up." If you haven't heard Blackberry Smoke before, ya may wanna give them a try, also. Southern rock.