Redline Syrup + Lifting and Cardio

Just started the summer trainig. I got a little bottle of redline syrup to give it a shot. Today I worked chest by doing bench press 6 sets of 8 reps and 6 sets of 8 reps flys with medium-high weight. I did get a little bit of pump/swollen chest going and then I jumped on the treadmil for 10 minutes doing intervals of 4mph and 10mph by doing 30 seconds of 10mph.

I’m not expecting to get huge by doing this but I want to get rid of the gut and solidify the little bit of muscle that I have. I’m 5’8’’ 160 lbs. I’m dont have a lot of fat but im not ripped either. I have a gut.

I’m taking 2 scoops of cytogainer before work out along with a spoonful of redline.

Your thoughts?


A few things. If you’re doing -16- sets of 8 reps on chest, you’re NOT using “medium/high” weight.

I’d REALLY suggest reading the beginner threads on top of this forum, because you’re going to get absolutely hammered.

On a personal note, I’d suggest following a low-rep full-body workout thrice a week to build a foundation of strength before you worry about stretching out your shirt sleeves.

6 + 6 = 12 not 16. Last 2 sets I didnt make it to 8 more like 5-6 reps. And you’re right didn’t do heavy weigh but it wasn’t light either.

I have tried heavy with low amount of reps but it don’t like it. I was getting stronger but I wasn’t building mass. I don’t get the pump I get with more reps.

I took this as reference

I’m hardly in a position to be giving other people advice.

But I will mention I didn’t gain an ounce of bodyweight or strength until I started 5x5’ing. Sure the workouts will kick your ass, and maybe you’ll get the joy of a squat puke once in a while, but in a few months I think you’ll realize that getting a “pump” means absolutely nothing.

If getting a pump built muscle everybody would be doing millions of pushups.